Youth Ministries

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth"
(III John, verse 4).

The Apostle John makes reference to this verse as it concerned his "children in the faith". Our youth ministry ("The Underground"; grades 7th to 12th) could make that claim, as well. As we receive young teens into our youth group, it is our hope that they will leave us as maturing young adults in the faith.

To help meet this goal, we provide a weekly gathering on Wednesday nights. A typical night together allows the teens some free time to play games and enjoy our café. We then play a collected game together. This is usually followed by a time of announcements and prayer. We’ll then have a lesson – this year (2012-2013) our primary focus is on the topic of "God, the Father". However, it is not unusual for us to redirect our focus on a topical matter that our teens may be facing in their own lives. A good night will see a total group of around 20-25 teens involved, with 5-7 adult leaders that help us.

During the course of a year, we have several activities outside of our youth group to keep the teens growing together as believers in Christ. Our summers are filled with gatherings called "afterglows" (small parties that take place after youth group) and "teen van trips" (often a trip to a state park on Tuesdays). We have also enjoyed going to Darien Lake ("Kingdom Bound"), sporting events, service projects, and other activities.

Once the school year starts, we average one or two events a month. We try to balance a "fun" event with a "service" event, so that our teens will come to understand the value of work before play. Our service events generally include car washes, the "adopt-a-highway" program (through PennDot), and a school supply event. Our fun events have seen us play paintball, go to our yearly "winter retreat", enjoy progressive dinners, have Christmas parties, and many other activities.

If you have any questions about this ministry, please feel free to contact Pastor Mike. You can also check out more information on our Facebook page (The Underground).